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Practice Management in Dentistry
Increase revenues, practice growth and team alignment all are generated through great team performance.


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Your practice deserves great dental consultants.  We understand finding a clinical dental consultant to achieve the results you are looking for isn't always easy. You need the right partner to achieve the right results.

We offer customizable services and use a variety of techniques to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  Whether you are looking to create a periodontal therapy program, update your protocols, or transform in to an oral-systemic practice, we can help you.

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Our purpose is to make a difference!

Our passion is the oral systemic movement!

Our mission is to help our dental colleagues!

We understand how you feel, because we have felt the same way, and what we found is an amazing way to practice dentistry and stop being frustrated.

Practicing the DHEmethod will solve your dental practice management problems. With our proven method, you will increase periodontal & restorative services, attract new patients and increase the profitability of the practice. 

We believe in the oral systemic connection, and look forward to brining industry proven techniques to your team.  Our dental consultants have mastered a system that will transform your practice and revive your team's passion. 

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Our proven system reduces no shows and cancellations, increases periodontal services and sells dentistry.

Practice Management in Dentistry

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The DHEmethod builds organizational, clinical and communication skills by research, role play and practice.