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Get Your Dental Team Certified In The Oral Systemic Connection with the DHE Method

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“You would be foolish not to hire Dental Hygiene Excellence.  They serve as professional trainers, as well as mentors to our staff.  They help the staff implement the systems in the office.  These professionals also help implement current hygiene protocols and methods.  A coach is essential to anyone who is trying to master something.  DHE professionals serve as coaches to our staff.

Dr. Brian Stickel


As a Certified Oral Systemic Office you’ll be able to:


Focus on the overall health of every patient you treat


Offer a more thorough approach to dental care


Be completely different than other dental offices in your area


Help your patients understand the risks of periodontal disease and how to correct it


Prevent your patients from having more serious health conditions

We know you want to give your patients the best care possible

That’s why we created the DHEmethod.

As clinicians who practice as Bale Doneen Preceptors and high risk periodontal therapists at the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio (HASPC), we’ve been successfully training and certifying clinicians in the Oral Systemic Connection around the country.

Give your patients expert dental care with the DHE Method Certification Program

Our certification process is a 1 year, monthly commitment in your office.

Each month we will come to your office and deliver the method with hands on, clinical and communication role play for 6 hours.

This also includes a 1 hour follow up video call each month with a DHE coach.

Your team also gets exclusive access to our full suite of online courses in the DHEmethod Virtual Learning Center.

“I love the success we are now seeing because of DHE and how we now offer patients optimal oral care. I also am thankful for the support, guidance, and direction DHE gave us to get there.”


Administrative Specialist

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