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Dental Hygiene Excellence
Dental Hygiene Excellence

Implementing oral systemic care into practice since 1997

Learn simple tools and communication techniques to enhance your oral systemic practice.

It can be a challenge to find the in-depth training and support you need to become an expert in implementing oral systemic care. Through the DHE Method you can learn simple techniques to implement your oral systemic knowledge into practice, stay on time, increase consistency among team members, and help your patients understand their treatment plans. Dental Hygiene Excellence has helped thousands of clinicians become the confident oral systemic provider that your patients deserve.

“My hygienists now have consistent protocols in place and it makes my job much easier and my patients more aware and educated."

Barbara McClatchie, DDS

“Learning to test, treat, and repopulate can have huge benefits for our patients not only in their dental health, but in their entire lives! For many, dentistry is the first step toward health!

Keep it up! You are making a HUGE difference in peoples' lives!"

Dr. Brent Van Hala

“You would be foolish not to hire Dental Hygiene Excellence. These professionals also help implement current hygiene protocols and methods. DHE professionals serve as coaches to our staff. They are terrific!”

Brian Stickel, DDS

Through online courses that are accessible 24/7, you can start implementing oral systemic care into your practice today! Buy once and available for you and your team to watch at any time.

Online Courses

We offer downloadable resources for you to start immediately implementing right away, including guidebooks and treatments plans to increase periodontal services, increase production, and reduce chair time.

Downloadable Resources

Virtual coaching that is customized to your unique practice - unlimited team members and recorded playbacks included!

Personalized Coaching

Oral Systemic Health Expert

Since 1997, Dental Hygiene Excellence has helped thousands of clinicians successfully implement oral systemic care into practice. We look forward to working with you!

Discover the DHE Method

Our Method - oral systemic dental coach

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