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Dental Hygiene Excellence
implementing oral systemic care


Training that is focused exclusively on oral-systemic care.

Do you struggle with implementing oral systemic care into your practice? Are you frustrated with low case acceptance and low productivity? Dental Hygiene Excellence can help!

Periodontal Assessment

98% of all dental offices are not aware that their computerized periodontal charts calculate incorrect values if all date is not entered correctly! With DHE, you will learn how to properly complete a legal periodontal chart.

Complete Health Assessment

A comprehensive health assessment is the primary step towards providing oral systemic care. DHE will help establish a standard for the entire team to follow.

Saliva Testing

A 30 second, objective testing tool, that can be used to determine the root cause of a patient's periodontal disease, and create personalized treatment plans. With DHE, you will learn how to communicate results to patients and increase periodontal case acceptance.

Targeted Treatment Plan

Learn how to connect the dots of the perio assessment, complete health assessment, and saliva testing, to create customized effective treatment plans for your patients. With DHE, you will learn how to best treat patients based on their results.

Collaborate with A Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team

The medical community is looking for dental partners to help them manage systemic inflammatory conditions by reducing oral inflammation. With DHE, you will learn how to start collaborating and integrating dentistry and medicine.

Online Courses

$297 & up

Online courses that are accessible 24/7, so you can start implementing oral systemic care into your practice today! Buy once and available for you and your team to re-watch at any time.

Hybrid Coaching


  • Periodontal Therapy Secrets online course

  • 2 one-hour follow-up personalized online coaching sessions

  • Recorded playback of coaching sessions

Monthly Coaching


  • 2 hour team coaching session

  • Access to Virtual Learning Center

  • Resources and downloads

  • 2 one-hour follow-up personalized online coaching sessions

  • Recorded playback of all coaching sessions

“Patti and Lora built my knowledge of the oral-systemic connection from the ground up.  I truly feel that I give my patients the utmost care because of the tools and communication skills they helped me develop.”

Amanda S, RDH

“DHE has made a HUGE impact on how I practice as a hygienist. I now know the benefit of saliva testing and how oral bacteria can affect the body. They are helpful with developing protocols and keeping everyone on the same page. They are great for setting a high standard of care. They are great sounding boards for ideas, questions, and problem solving. They have challenged me in ways I didn’t think were possible. I practice at a whole other level than most of my classmates. They are appreciated!”

Angie B, RDH

DHE Method

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