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how to increase periodontal production

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Increase periodontal services, increase periodontal production and reduce chair time!

Through the Virtual Learning Center at Dental Hygiene Excellence, you have 24/7 on-demand access so you can learn at your own pace. The learning center includes in-depth courses on implementing oral systemic health through saliva testing, complete health assessments, periodontal assessments, saliva testing, and treatment plan presentations. These online resources include oral systemic infographics, risk assessment sheets, hygiene worksheets, treatment plan blueprints, and more! These courses and resources are broken down into easy to follow segments so you can immediately implement into your practice.


Dental Hygiene Excellence offers hybrid training courses as well! Purchase the course and receive follow-up personalized coaching, to get answers and better implement into your unique practice. Click here to learn more about our coaching services.

"This course was the best investment I've ever made!"

Kentucky Dentist

"Lora's course is the best thing I've ever done. Hands down. No questions asked!"

Ohio Dental Hygienist

Implementing Personalized Treatment

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Oral Systemic In Your Practice

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Periodontal Therapy Presentation Secrets


Simplify your periodontal therapy presentation, and increase your case acceptance! Learn how to present periodontal therapy integrating the oral-systemic movement into practice through our 4 step process. You will go from a frustrated overwhelmed hygienist to a consistent confident periodontal therapist!

Saliva Testing

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It's Easy to Start!

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