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5 Things Every Oral Systemic Practice Should Include

A DHEmethod Live Workshop


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Become A Renowned Oral Systemic Practice That Maintains Periodontal Protocols While Being Patient Focused With This 3hr Workshop.

Equip Your Team

Help your team be at their best with proper training and implementation.

Stand Out

When your practice successfully implements these 5 methods, your practice will stand out in the marketplace. 

Grow Your Practice

Your patients will know why you’re the expert because your team will clearly communicate the value dental check-ups have on their overall health.

“My hygienists now have consistent protocols in place and it makes my job much easier and my patients more aware and educated.”

Barb McClathie


Make your dental practice different from the rest

 Do you know which areas to focus on to set your Oral Systemic practice apart from the rest of the dental offices in your community? 

Are you unsure of how to explain and discuss the mouth and body connection with your patients?

Would you like to know which actions you can start implementing immediately to become a complete Oral Systemic practice?

We believe to be a go-to office for Oral Systemic Care requires incorporating 5 key areas to every patient’s care and treatment.

When you add these things to your practice, you enable your patients to achieve the powerful results they deserve when it comes to their overall health and well being.

“Every single thing about the DHEmethod was game-changing. Exceptional. Outstanding. Above and beyond. Far over-delivered.”

Terry Fugate

Dental Office Manager

Rooted in The Bale Doneen Method

As clinicians who practice as Bale Doneen Preceptors and high risk periodontal therapists at the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio (HASPC), we see first hand the importance of understanding the link between the mouth and the body.

We have developed a proven method to achieve the highest level of oral health possible for our high risk HASPC patients! Our oral systemic approach reduces or eliminates oral inflammation, one of the most significant root causes of heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.

Through our courses we have been helping dentists, clinicians, and hygienists incorporate oral systemic care into the treatment plans for every patient.

The 5 Things This Workshop Will Cover 


Health Assessment

Learn clear and succinct ways to explain to your patients why they need a health assessment with their dental care.


Periodontal Assessment

Learn how to properly and legally fill out periodontal charts for the most accurate data so every patient gets optimal care during their visit.


Saliva Testing

Learn how to use saliva testing for more accurate results in determining the root cause of a patient’s periodontal disease.


Collaboration With Patient’s Healthcare Team

Learn how to integrate referrals with other healthcare professionals when a patient’s health is still compromised after dental treatment.


Targeted Treatment Plans

Learn how to confidently give patients proper treatment plans with the right product or therapy for their periodontal disease.

Columbus, OH | November 8, 2019

9 am – 12 PM EST


*Keynote speaker is cardiologist Dr. Goulder who will also provide CIMT’s at the event for an additional $199

“DHEmethod is an answer to the dental chaos I’ve worked with for decades. It is relevant, succinct, well-organized and innovative. The DHE team delivers clarity and insight. The investment is a universal business necessity. ” 

Heather Turpen

Dental Office Manager and Consultant

Make Sure You’re Covering It All

Give Your Patients A More Thorough Approach To Dental Care

Take The Course And Become A Complete Oral Systemic Dental Practice That Is Different From The Rest