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One Day Private Workshops

Where we bring the training to you. 

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Get Your Entire Team on the Same Page with a Private Workshop

A Private Workshop is the Right Fit for You if:


Not everyone on your team has bought into becoming an Oral Systemic practice.


Everyone is busy and individual training seems impossible and inefficient.


You want to become a stronger, more unified team by learning together.


You feel you would all benefit from a smaller more personalized learning approach.


You’re looking for a fun way to increase your knowledge in becoming a complete Oral Systemic office.


1. Decide Which Workshop You're Interested In

2. Schedule Your Private Workshop

3. Your Team Becomes Oral Systemic Leaders in Your Community

Available Workshops

Stop Guessing, Start Testing!

Administering saliva testing can be a big differentiator between you and the practice around the block. Give your patients an extra layer of care by helping them to understand the root cause of their infection.

Don't Stress, Clear Your Tests!

We know that you want to get optimal treatment outcomes with salivary testing.  In order to do that you have to provide exceptional periodontal therapy.  The problem is that every patient responds differently to treatment, which can leave you feeling unsure of yourself and frustrated.  We believe that treating periodontal disease is about more than scaling and root planing.  This is why we have designed this course to guide you through creating targeted periodontal treatment plans using salivary diagnostics.  Join us in the DHEmethod to Test Treat Repopulate.

5 Steps to a Profitable Oral-Systemic Practice

Become a renowned Oral Systemic Practice that maintains periodontal protocols. This workshop focuses on 5 key areas you should incorporate into every patient’s care and treatment.

Your Investment

$5000 | Includes Workbook and Materials

  • Each workshop is 6 hours long
  • Hosted in your office
  • For unlimited team members
    *Price does not include DHE travel expenses

Scheduling A Private Workshop For Your Office Is Easy.

We Do All The Work, You Just Show Up!

After taking a workshop you and your team will:


Have procedures that will benefit your patient’s overall health.


An aligned way of how to approach being an oral systemic practice.


Be known to offer care that’s a little different from the rest.

Ready to make your team an Oral Systemic Practice?

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