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Dental Hygiene Excellence has helped thousands of clinicians become the confident oral systemic provider that your patients deserve. Here is what some of our clients are saying!

"I am so excited by the opportunity to work with Lora and Patti who are masters of their craft! The two of you possess exceptional ability to connect with your patients with confidence, conviction, and care. Lora and Patti you are standouts among, not just your hygiene peers, but among dental educators! I am equally impressed by the progress that our teams, both doctors and hygienists, have made over the past six months in their ability to communicate the importance of addressing patients' infections and encouraging them onward to health! I have learned so much personally, even as it relates to my surgical practice. Some of you will be aware of this, but for years surgeons have believed that the greatest cause of implant failure was smoking. However this is not true. Three times as many implants fail on account of two other factors- gum disease and vitamin D deficiency. Learning to test, treat, and repopulate can have huge benefits for our patients not only in their dental health, but in their entire lives! For many, dentistry is the first step toward health!


Way to go Lora and Patti!! Keep it up! You are making a HUGE difference in peoples' lives!"

Dr. Brent Van Hala

“The DHE training has revolutionized the way I think about practicing dental hygiene. My team and I are using the simple communication tools in all of our hygiene and restorative appointments. It has enabled us to connect quickly—and powerfully—to our patients. This re-ignited my love of dental hygiene!

Debbie Bickford, RDH

“Using the DHEmethod makes it easier to have a conversation about perio with patients and since I’m recently out of hygiene school, it gives me a simple protocol to talk to patients.”

Danielle (Dental Hygienist)

“DHE has made a HUGE impact on how I practice as a hygienist. I now know the benefit of saliva testing and how oral bacteria can affect the body. They are helpful with developing protocols and keeping everyone on the same page. They are great for setting a high standard of care. They are great sounding boards for ideas, questions, and problem solving. They have challenged me in ways I didn’t think were possible. I practice at a whole other level than most of my classmates. They are appreciated!”

Angie B, RDH

“Patti and Lora built my knowledge of the oral-systemic connection from the ground up.  I truly feel that I give my patients the utmost care because of the tools and communication skills they helped me develop.”

Amanda S, RDH

“My hygienists now have consistent protocols in place and it makes my job much easier and my patients more aware and educated."

Barbara McClatchie, DDS

“You would be foolish not to hire Dental Hygiene Excellence. These professionals also help implement current hygiene protocols and methods. DHE professionals serve as coaches to our staff. They are terrific!”

Brian Stickel, DDS

"Every single thing about the DHE Method was game-changing. Exceptional. Outstanding. Above and beyond. Far over-delivered.”

Terry Fugate (Dental Office Manager)

DHEmethod is an answer to the dental chaos I’ve worked with for decades. It is relevant, succinct, well-organized and innovative. The DHE team delivers clarity and insight. The investment is a universal business necessity. ”

Heather Turpen (Dental Office Manager and Consultant)

DHE Method

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