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Success Stories

Over the years we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of passionate clinicians.

Here’s what they had to say about our program.

“DHE has made a HUGE impact on how I practice as a hygienist. I now know the benefit of saliva testing and how oral bacteria can affect the body. They are helpful with developing protocols and keeping everyone on the same page. They are great for setting a high standard of care. They are great sounding boards for ideas, questions, and problem solving. They have challenged me in ways I didn’t think were possible. I practice at a whole other level than most of my classmates. They are appreciated!” -Angie B, RDH

“You would be foolish not to hire Dental Hygiene Excellence.  They serve as professional trainers, as well as mentors to our staff.  They help the staff implement the systems in the office.  These professionals also help implement current hygiene protocols and methods.  A coach is essential to anyone who is trying to master something.  DHE professionals serve as coaches to our staff.
They are terrific!”

Dr. Brian Stickel, D.D.S.  


“Patti and Lora built my knowledge of the oral-systemic connection from the ground up.  I truly feel that I give my patients the utmost care because of the tools and communication skills they helped me develop.”

– Amanda S, RDH

“I love the success we are now seeing because of DHE and how we now offer patients optimal oral care. I also am thankful for the support, guidance, and direction DHE gave us to get there.”

Terri, Administrative Specialist

“Using the DHEmethod makes it easier to have a conversation about perio with patients and since I’m recently out of hygiene school, it gives me a simple protocol to talk to patients.”

– Danielle, RDH

“I lost my father to early onset Alzheimers and now I love how I can have conversations with patients about the oral systemic connection and I love the freedom and knowledge I have to talk to patients about that connection.”

-Hayley, RDH